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GOGO Band gave him the confidence he could do it himself.– parent of teenager

GOGO band

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a technology breakthrough in bedwetting

The world’s first solution capable of actually predicting
bedwetting before it happens, GOGO Band is your child’s
answer to staying dry for life.

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GOGO Band wakes your child in advance to use the bathroom before they have an accident—even deep sleepers.
GOGO Band learns your child’s natural biometric patterns to build their very own personalized dry solution.
GOGO Band’s Parent App involves you every step of the way as your child beats bedwetting themselves.
GOGO Band is easy to use and 100% drug-free, eliminating the concerns and expense of prescription drugs.
With GOGO Band, most children see progress in 2-4 weeks, with life-changing results in 3 to 6 months.


GOGO Band’s Parent App
keep you connected to your
child’s progress.
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GOGO Band’s Parent App let me be there for her when she needed.” – parent of 9-year-old

stories of dryness ever-after

Hear what families are saying

“The GOGO Band was actually fun and
cool to wear. I stopped having accidents
in less than a month of wearing the
GOGO Band and have a ton more
confidence in myself. I know my parents
are happy too because I no longer
have to do laundry evey day.”

Maggie (girl, 12 years old)

“The GOGO Band System was easy to
use and started working from day
one. Our son has been dry for five
months and has started making
friends again. We couldn’t be happier
for him. I wish GOGO Band was around
five years ago.”

Patrick (parent)

“GOGO Band finally helped me beat
bedwetting. I can now hang out with
my friends on the weekends, go
camping with my scout troop, and
wake up without being afraid of being
embarrassed or bullied.”

Tristan (boy, 13 years old)

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• GOGO Tablet that alerts and wakes
your child
• GOGO Sensor for system training and alerts
• 28 GOGO Disposable Sensor Patches
• Tablet stand, charger, charging cables
• Monthly subscription for system monitoring
and training
• Access our community of GOGO Parents
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