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Our Parent App sends “Wake Up!” alerts to your smartphone simultaneously. At the start, you’ll be there to assist and support your child. Soon your child will have their new routine down on their own.

  • Simultaneous alarm at your bedside
  • Get moisture alerts and predictive alerts – or turn off
  • 7-day progress reports
  • Automatically charts dry and wet nights
  • Daily coaching tips

“The Parent App calendar is excellent. He was beaming when he saw his progress.”
Mom of 11-year old, NY

Progress at a glance, without charting

The GOGO Band System tracks events from 7PM until 1PM the following afternoon, in your timezone. Progress is analyzed and your app is updated in the afternoon.

The calendar view shows a green dot for dry nights and a red dot for wet nights. It’s simple to see progress at a glance so you can give positive reinforcement.  

Available for iPhone and Android.


Parents praise the App

“The Parent App kept me fully in the loop.”

Mom of 10-year-old, Connecticut

“What is different about GOGO Band is the Parent App. In the first few weeks, the Parent App on my phone would also alert me so I could go to him. He would be kind of awake but not sure why or what to do. In about three weeks, he was waking up to the GOGO tablet alert and starting to get the pattern. After about a month he started doing everything fully on his own.”

Mom of 9-year-old,Virginia

“I was absolutely shocked that the GOGO Band alert woke him up. He’s a really, really deep sleeper—definitely more than the average kid. One of the best things about the GOGO Band System is its Parent App—which none of the other alarms have. It means I don’t have to sleep on his bedroom floor anymore. Yes, I’ve done that.

“For the first week, I would have my phone at my bedside. So, I would go into his room when the alert sounded and help him get out of bed. With other bedwetting alarms, he would just turn it off or pull it off. But the GOGO Band’s alert sound changes enough to keep waking him up.”

Mom of 11-year-old, New York

“During the first two weeks of “Training Mode” the Parent App alarm on my iPhone also rang at my bedside. I would get up to help when an event occurred—as I always have. The GOGO Band Parent App helped me get to him faster. In the first couple weeks he started to wake up at night on his own. The alert started to get him out of the deep sleep mode and wake up. “Hey, I just got up and went to the bathroom,” he said when I checked in on him. I could see that he started to feel more in control of his own body. The transition to having the alert go off before wetting was a nice change.”

Dad of 6-year-old, Virginia

“I think kids are not as aware of time and weeks going by. The Parent App’s calendar is great. You can easily look back and say, ‘Look at all these red dots. Look how there were fewer red dots. Look, this whole month is green. Look at the progress.’

I would look to see what was going on and then would show him, “Look at all these green dots!” We would go back and look at the beginning—with all the red dots—and look how it changed, and he’d say, “Wow, that’s great.”’ He was beaming!

Mom of 10-year-old, Connecticut

We started in July, and by October he had his first sleepover. That was his big goal.
Dad of 6-year-old, VA