Using GOGO Band: What parents ask us

How effective is GOGO Band?

While every situation is unique, our patented predictive system is a game changer for children who suffer from bedwetting. Our results show children often see remarkable progress within the first month and experience consecutive dry nights within just 60 days.
Data collected on both wet and dry nights enables our system to create your child’s own unique personalized model to wake them up before an incident. With consistent nightly use, these predictive alerts are up to 85% effective in alerting before an incident occurs while your child learns to control their bladder at night. By waking before wetting, your child will experience a dramatic reduction in wet nights and most children stop bedwetting completely within 3 to 6 months.

What kind of progress can we expect?

Each child’s progress is unique. See “How It Works” for an explanation of our three-stage solution. Children learn to hold it overnight at different rates. Progress is usually noticeable within the first 2-4 weeks of using the system. 
When your child is dry for 28 nights in a row they are considered free of pediatric enuresis according to the International Children’s Continence Society.

How is GOGO Band different from bedwetting alarms?

Bedwetting alarms only have a moisture sensor that alarms after your child has started to wet the bed – frustrating for parents and demotivating for children. When your child wakes dry and with a full bladder, their brain makes a stronger connection to the “bladder-full” signal. Waking up dry and feeling in control also motivates children, improves their confidence, and accelerates progress—and cuts back on laundry.

GOGO Band is the only system that actually predicts a bedwetting event before it happens.  The GOGO Band biometric sensor monitors “wetting predictor signals” such as heart rate and motion in real-time.  The system combines these signals with your child’s wetting patterns identified by the GOGO moisture sensor.

Our two sensor solution is completely wireless for comfort. GOGO Band’s simple technology engages children throughout the process. GOGO Band also offers a Parent App for your smartphone, which simultaneously alerts you at your bedside so you can assist your child. Unlike other solutions, the Parent App automatically tracks and charts progress so there’s  no charting to remember or prompt your child to do. And it’s all private, which can make a difference for older children. 

What will my child think about using GOGO Band?

Over and over, parents tell us their kids like having their very own advanced, kid-friendly, ‘cool tech.’ Children from six to sixteen say it’s easy to use. GOGO Band puts them in control. We find children gain confidence with early success and your support. Recognizing their progress is easy—the GOGO Band Parent App tracks nightly results automatically, so you can share their progress and celebrate success.   

Is GOGO Band backed by research?

Backed by extensive scientific research, several proven modalities are built into the GOGO Band System—all 100% drug-free.
Dr. Israel Franco, GOGO Band’s Chief Science Officer, leads The Yale University Children’s Bladder and Continence Center. Dr. Franco has contributed to many medical textbooks and treatment guidelines used around the world. With over 90 published articles in peer reviewed journals, his early research included biofeedback. Today, his pioneering research into the central nervous system (CNS) mechanisms as the cause of most incontinence and dysfunctional voiding issues in children continues to lead the worldwide pediatric community. As we developed GOGO Band, Dr. Franco and many pediatric urologists have recommended GOGO Band to their patients. We have collected over 40,000 hours of hours of biometric data to continually optimize GOGO Band’s patented, predictive alerting system to help your child beat bedwetting once and for all.

How does the GOGO Band System wake up deep sleepers?

Parents of extremely deep sleepers have told us what surprised them the most is how effective the GOGO Band is at helping their child wake up independently—even before the alert has sounded. The system alerts both audibly and visually on the GOGO Bedside Tablet, and includes several alert options and settings specially designed to avoid “alarm fatigue.” The GOGO Band Parent App also alerts you on your smartphone so you can support your child if needed. Within weeks, many parents find their children become self-reliant.

My child is prescribed medications. Will these interfere with using GOGO Band?

GOGO Band is a natural, 100% drug-free solution for bedwetting and will not interfere with any medications. We encourage discussing GOGO Band with your child’s primary care providers. Children with pediatric enuresis are often more likely to be diagnosed with conditions such as ADHD, which may be managed with medication. Whether or not your child takes medication, with consistent use the GOGO Band System will create a unique predictive alert model that works.

Is a prescription required to use GOGO Band?

Using GOGO Band does NOT require a prescription. You can start at any time. Medical guidelines indicate that children five and older who wet at least two times a week should receive ‘active therapy’ for nocturnal enuresis.  Enuresis medications are one option. Parents tell us that they have tried pediatric enuresis medications but they did not work. Research provides evidence that drug therapy leads to higher relapse rates with unwanted risks and side effects. GOGO Band’s patented technology offers a natural, 100% drug-free active therapy that uses your child’s biometric patterns to end bedwetting.

Is GOGO Band covered by medical insurance?

Coverage for GOGO Band is dependent upon each family’s insurance carrier and plan. We recommend contacting your insurance provider to learn whether you may be reimbursed for purchasing your system. A diagnosis of pediatric enuresis from your pediatrician may be required. GOGO Band does not bill insurance directly or indirectly. Some customers have been able to pay for their GOGO Band System using their pre-tax flexible spending or health savings account (HSA).

Why is there a monthly subscription?

The monthly subscription covers the nightly real-time monitoring and alerting and charts progress in the Parent App  You also receive ongoing personal assistance for you and your child. We are always ready to assist with your questions about bedwetting and the GOGO Band System or Parent App and will respond within 24 hours of contacting us using our customer support form.

Can we use the GOGO Band System during the day?

The GOGO Band System is specifically designed and intended for nighttime use only. Nightly real-time monitoring and predictive and moisture alerts are active between 7:00 PM and 1:00 PM the following day, in your time zone. The Parent App is updated daily after 1:00 PM with data from the previous night when the GOGO Band is worn.

Can I use the GOGO Band with my other children?

Your GOGO Band System is personalized for each child. The predictive alerting model recognizes and alerts your child based on their own unique biometric patterns and “bladder-full” signal. The system can only build an accurate and effective predictive solution when the wearable band and tablet are used by one child.

When should I be worried about bedwetting?

At 5-years-old, up to 19% of children wet the bed. At 7-years-old approximately 5-10% of children are still wetting.  Children who have a parent who wet the bed are more likely to develop pediatric enuresis, the medical diagnosis for bedwetting.  No matter how old your child is or how long they have been wetting, they don’t have to wait to ‘grow out of it.‘  Medical guidelines indicate children should be evaluated at 5-years-old and active therapy is recommended at 6-years-old and older.  There may be underlying or related conditions.

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What are the effects of bedwetting?

Too often children and parents don’t seek help because they don’t realize it’s a medical condition, just something that every child deals with in their own time. Enuresis is not a psychiatric condition, but bedwetting even once a month can affect self-esteem at any age.  Relationships between parents and siblings can also be affected. 

If you believe bedwetting is affecting your child’s behavior, causing distress, or changes to their self-perception, it is important to take action.  Children usually recognize bedwetting as a problem when they become aware that younger siblings are dry or joining normal social activities are limited.

Research has shown that self-perceptions of scholastic and social competence improve with treatment. Parents’ perceptions of their child’s behavior also improved. A parent of a six-year-old told us ‘we could see he was just a happier kid.’

Beyond the financial burden, bedwetting can have lifelong impact on mental health, self-confidence, and social interaction. But families shouldn’t suffer, because bedwetting can be beaten— and we can help!