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Say Goodbye to Bedwetting.

Meet GOGO Band, the world’s most advanced solution designed to help keep your child dry and stop bedwetting for good.

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Meet GOGO Band

and see how it helps your
child get and stay dry.

Why It’s Better

GOGO Band offers a smarter, safer solution to ineffective alarms, pads and diapers currently on the market. Working in harmony with your child’s natural biometric patterns, GOGO Band offers a 100% drug-free way to help your child achieve dryness.

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  • Predictive

    Unlike alarms, pads and diapers, GOGO Band actually predicts bedwetting IN ADVANCE, keeping your child dry!

  • Simple

    Our comfortable, wearable band and tablet system deliver an intuitive user experience that fits seamlessly into your life.

  • Training

    GOGO Band trains the brain to successfully recognize, remember and respond to the body’s nocturnal “bladder full” signal.

  • Confidence

    GOGO Band eliminates bedwetting, giving your child and family confidence and peace of mind.

  • Connected

    Downloadable GOGO Band app sends simultaneous alert to smart phones, helping parents monitor their children’s pattern and progress.

  • Drug-Free

    GOGO Band is 100% drug-free, eliminating the real concerns and costs of expensive, pharmaceutical-based options.

How It Works

GOGO Band monitors key biometric signals as your child sleeps, learning their body’s natural patterns that signal their need to urinate. Adapting to your child’s unique biology, GOGO Band offers a personalized solution to predict bedwetting and keep them dry.

Biometric data continuously monitored

GOGO Band Tablet

Bladder filling

System alerts when bladder is full

GOGO Band Parent App


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does my child wet the bed?

    • The main cause of bedwetting in children stems from a maturation delay in the child’s bladder-to-brain neural pathway resulting in the inability of your child to recognize that their bladder is full. In other words, the bladder full signal that you and I feel is “lost” and is never consciously sensed by your child.

      Arousal from deep sleep is also a leading cause of bedwetting and can result in your child being unable to wake up when their bladder is full. Bedwetting can also be caused by your child’s kidneys producing too much urine during sleep or their bladder is unable to effectively hold urine. Bedwetting also tends to run in families suggesting there is a strong hereditary link.

      To control one’s urination and bladder function is a behaviorally learned and conditioned process, not unlike learning how to walk or talk, that requires first learning to recognize the bladder full signal from the brain and then to consciously control suppressing one’s bladder. Bedwetting is classified as being nocturnal (nighttime) or diurnal (daytime) representing 75% and 25% respectively with twice as many boys affected by bedwetting as girls.

  • How common is bedwetting?

    • Bedwetting, clinically known as pediatric enuresis, is the #1 chronic pediatric health condition that affects 8.5 million children in the US, or nearly one in five children, with potentially devastating long-term social, mental, health and other physiological impacts. Unfortunately, innovation in stopping bedwetting has been non-existent over the last forty years and the efficacy of the best options available only help 25% of the children who use them, that is until the launch of the GOGO Band System. Over $4.2 billion is spent annually by families in the USA trying to stop bedwetting in children.

  • What are the current options for stopping bedwetting?

    • Current options for stopping bedwetting include either drugs, diapers, or bedwetting alarms that alarm after a child wets the bed or a watch that alarms on preset static intervals of 30-90 minutes throughout the day to remind the child to perform a mental scan as to whether they feel an urge to urinate or not. Drugs only temporarily block urine/bladder function with relapse rates over 90% and have potentially dangerous and severe side effects including seizures, hydrocephalus, and cardiotoxicity. Current watch alarms use “dumb”, static 1970’s technology and are difficult to use, prone to breakage, and not kid- friendly. Thirty percent of the families who purchase these bedwetting alarms give up in frustration and stop using them after only 30 day. Despite this, these bedwetting alarms are still widely regarded as the most effective option for stopping bedwetting in children, but only one in four benefit from them.

  • Why should I try the GOGO Band System?

    • GOGO BAND’s patent pending system brings a 21st Century solution to an age-old problem and brings renewed hope to stop bedwetting in children. The GOGO Band System is the only bedwetting solution that proactively and intelligently keeps your child dry and helps accelerate your child’s ability to finally recognize their previously “lost” bladder full signal. The GOGO Band system analyzes in real-time your child’s unique biometric rhythms and patterns associated with a full bladder.

      At the core of the GOGO Band System is one of the worlds’ most advanced biometric wearable sensors that combines the power of our patent-pending predictive, machine-learning, AI big data analytics to help keep your child dry. We are the only bedwetting solution that intelligently and predictively alarms just prior to urination enabling us to condition faster and deeper with dramatically lower relapse rates. Through our cloud-based mobile phone Parent App, the GOGO Band System also involves you, the parent, for the first time in partnering with your child – a critical factor in stopping bedwetting.

  • How does the GOGO BAND System work?

    • It is only in the last four years that we have witnessed a revolutionary leap in the miniaturization of biometric sensors and an explosion in the biometric wearables market. The reliability and accuracy of these photo-electronic (PPG) biometric sensors enable the GOGO Band System for the first time to capture in real-time accurate biometric telemetry for motion, heart rate, body temperature, moisture, and blood pressure. So, does this help the GOGO Band System find this “lost” bladder full signal? Yes!

      The GOGO Band System is able to identify the bladder full signal of your child well in advance of an accidental urination. By knowing that a urination event is imminent, based upon identifying the unique biometric footprint of your child’s bladder full signal, the GOGO Band System instantly alerts both you and your child of the imminent need to urinate and provides your child with enough time to get to the bathroom and stay dry. And because the GOGO Band System is alarming at the exact moment at which the bladder full signal is being sent, it dramatically accelerates your child’s recognition of their own bladder full signal faster and deeper, with dramatically lower relapse rates, than anything else available on the market today.

      The GOGO Band System is built to be smart, safe, and will help keep your child dry for good!

  • Why do other bedwetting alarms not work?

    • Most bedwetting alarms available today haven’t changed in decades and still use outdated, unsophisticated 1970’s technology. They are not kid-friendly, difficult to use, not waterproof, not internet enabled, and prone to breakage. Only 70% of the families who purchase these “dumb” alarm devices use them for more than 30 days. Manually entering information into a diary system, either on of offline, is time-consuming and error prone, while today’s bed pads only alarm after a bedwetting accident has happened and provide only marginal benefit to help your child overcome bedwetting.

      The most effective products on the market only work for one out of four children. Think about that – American families spend more than $4.2 billion a year on bedwetting devices, drugs or diaper products that only work for one child in four. As technologists and parents, this makes us mad. Think about all that’s changed since the 1970’s! Discrete biometric sensors can measure almost anything. Wireless technology can connect almost everything, and predictive AI machine learning analytics can help almost anybody do the right thing at the right time.

  • Is the GOGO Band System safe and easy to use?

    • The GOGO Band System is designed for plug n’ play activation and is ready to use right out of the box. It comes fully equipped with all of the components you need to help your child beat bedwetting. The GOGO Band System is lab tested, child and parent friendly, drug free, and easy and safe to use. Our biometric sensor band is covered with soft silicone and is water resistant. The washable fabric band is made of hypoallergenic, lightweight material so that it is both comfortable and safe for your child to wear.

      The GOGO Band System includes an advanced PPG biometric wearable sensor band that is worn on your child’s calf or bicep, a 7-inch Android Gateway tablet that serves as the command alarm center at the child bedside, and a blue-tooth enabled small moisture sensor that is attached to your child’s pajamas or underwear to assist in the personalization of your child’s predictive models during the Training Mode and to alarm in those rare wetting instances our system might miss.

  • What research validates our approach?

    • We have been conducting real-world tests of the GOGO Band System over the last two years to refine and develop our revolutionary approach to the stopping bedwetting in children. We have amassed over 10,000 hours of biometric data across scores of children to help refine and build our intelligent predictive models and alarming systems. Our biometric sensors have undergone thousands of hours of rigorous testing on people with a wide range of skin tones, ages and body types. Each of our biometric sensors has been 100% tested for optical and sensor performance using proprietary optical testing systems.

      Helping to lead our efforts is our Chief Science Officer, Dr. Israel Franco, who is a world-renowned, board-certified Pediatric Urologist with over 25 years of experience helping tens of thousands of children overcome bedwetting. He has authored over ninety peer-reviewed medical journal articles and currently leads the Yale University’s Children’s Continence Center – one of the leading pediatric urology research centers in the world. Dr. Franco received his medical degree from Albert Einstein College, fellowed at Chicago Children’s Hospital. Always an early innovator and on the cutting edge of technology he brings a proven track record of successful innovative therapies to children with neurogenic bladder problems as well as children with non-neurogenic bladder and continence issues.

  • How long does my child need to be on the GOGO Band system?

    • Your child will progress through three distinct operating modes powered by the GOGO Band System. The Training Mode is expected to be completed in 2-3 weeks, the Predictive Alarming Mode is expected to run for 1-3 months, and the Weaning Mode a final 1-3 months. Keep in mind that each child is unique and your child’s times within stages will vary. Increasing success in the reduction of wet nights will begin in the first thirty days with most children being able to completely control their urination within six months from the time that they start using the GOGO Band System. That being said, tragically one percent of the adult population under the age of 65 are never able to control their urination. We expect the GOGO Band System will help even these adults to stay dry throughout their entire lifetime.

  • Is the system personalized for my child?

    • Yes. Each urination predictive model is personalized and custom-built to recognize and alarm at the unique biometric “footprint” of your own child’s unique bladder full signal.

  • What is Training Mode? How long does it take for the system to intelligently alarm?

    • Training Mode is the first phase that your child passes through when using the GOGO Band System. In Training Mode, the system is learning the specific biometric rhythms of your child from which an AI predictive model is created that serves as the engine for the Predictive Alarming Mode. To progress out of Training Mode your child must: first, complete at least ten full nights of using the GOGO Band System and second, complete at least three nights using the system where a wetting accident occurs. When these two requirements are met, your child seamlessly moves into the next phase called the Predictive Alarming Mode. It is expected that the Training Mode will take 2-3 weeks to complete before the system will begin to intelligently, predictively alarm. You will know exactly when your child moves into the Predictive Alarming Mode by notices you will receive in the Parent App.

  • How accurate is the GOGO Band system in predicting a wetting event?

    • The human body is one of the most complex systems known to man. Every child is different, and some children are easier to predict than others. On average, the predictive accuracy of the GOGO Band System is 70-85% resulting in a dramatic reduction in wet nights, a corresponding improvement in dry nights, and an environment that allows your child’s urination control to mature naturally and rapidly.

      Consistent daily use is key. The more your child uses the GOGO Band System, the more accurate the GOGO Band System alarm predictions will be. The GOGO Band System automatically refines the predictive, AI machine-learning models for your child after every night’s use and model improvements are seamlessly ready to be used the very next night. The GOGO Band System is constantly learning and improving its prediction accuracy for your child. We are committed to ensuring that your child receives the most highly accurate models and the very best intelligent predictive alarming every day they use the GOGO Band System.

  • My child is a deep sleeper. How does the GOGO Band System wake them up?

    • If your child is a deep sleeper, the GOGO Band System is purpose-built to help you arouse them from a deep sleep. The GOGO Band System not only alarms at the child’s bedside through our tablet Gateway that sits on your child’s nightstand but it also alarms you through our mobile phone Parent App. When the system alarms on your child’s Gateway, it simultaneously sends an alarm notification to your cell phone so that you can assist your child to the bathroom before a bedwetting accident happens.

  • How does the GOGO Band System help me as a parent to help my child?

    • Our cloud-based architecture empowers you, the parent, to be directly involved in helping your child stop bedwetting, which is a critical factor for success. Included in the GOGO Band System is our mobile phone Parent App that provides you with daily, weekly, monthly, progress updates and insights on the progress that your child is making. The Parent App continuously encourages and recommends success strategies for both you and your child and provides you with daily tips regardless of the time of day or where you are in the world.

  • “GOGO Band finally helped me beat bedwetting. I can now hang out with my friends on the weekends, go camping with my scout troop, and wake up without being afraid of being embarrassed or bullied.”

    - Tristan (13 years old)
  • “The GOGO Band System was easy to use and started working from day one. Our son has been dry for five months and has started making friends again. We couldn’t be happier for him. I wish the GOGO Band System was around five years ago.”

    - Patrick (Parent)
  • “The GOGO Band System was actually fun and cool to wear. I stopped having accidents in less than a month of wearing the GOGO Band System and I have a ton more confidence in myself. I know my parents are happy too because I no longer have to do laundry every day.”

    - Maggie (girl 12 years old)


Jon Coble

Co-Founder, CEO

Jon Coble

Co-Founder, CEO

Jon is a proven global executive having lived and worked on five different continents. He is a proactive and high-energy executive with a unique blend of experience in strategic consulting, financial services, internet and cloud-based software development, retailing and global sourcing. Jon has a proven track record of building world-class teams and delivering profitable opportunities for growth.

Israel Franco,


Israel Franco,


Dr. Israel Franco, MD is a world-renowned, board-certified Pediatric Urologist with over 25 years of experience in the treatment of Pediatric Enuresis. He currently leads Yale University’s Children’s Bladder and Continence Center which is one of the leading pediatric urology research institutions in the world. Israel received his medical degree from Albert Einstein College and his fellowship from Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Israel was an early innovator in laparoscopic surgical and neurological techniques in pediatric urology and was a pioneer in the use of biofeedback therapy in the United States. Israel is a Board Member and Treasurer of the International Children’s Continence Society (ICCS) which plays a vital role in the education of physicians, nurses, and physiotherapist in the care of children’s urinary and bowel continence issues. Israel has published over 90 articles in peer reviewed journals and has contributed 19 chapters for textbooks. With Israel’s publication of “The Management and Treatment of Overactive in Bladder in Children” in The Journal of Urology, he has driven the pediatric community to look at CNS mechanisms as the cause of most incontinence and dysfunctional voiding issues in children. Since that time a more concerted effort to explore these mechanisms has continued to confirm a central role for many children with refractory incontinence.

Mike Kohonoski


Mike Kohonoski


Mike is a builder of early-stage technology companies. He has a 20+ years successfully leading start-ups in the intellectual property, hardware, software, systems, and technical services industries. As CEO at Privaris, Mike helped build and sell a signifiant biometric identity patent portfolio to Apple.  Mike was also SVP Innovation Operations for ipCreate a top innovation consultancy, CEO at netgenshopper an online reverse auction marketplace, and CEO of The Guild Corporation a technical recruiting firm. He holds a BSEE from Carnegie-Mellon University.

Steve Zyglowicz


Steve Zyglowicz


Steve is a technology leader with significant start-up experience and has deep insights into big data systems, complex and scalable software platforms, agile development, biometric telemetry, mobile application development, and protectable technologies. He inspires and leads his teams with a hands-on approach to building great products. He has direct experience coding, holds several patents, and earned his Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from George Washington University.


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